Sole Nero

Eau de Parfum

Sole Nero, meaning “Black Sun,” The horizon swallows the Sicilian sun and innocence is lost. Seductively self-aware, Sole Nero is a backdrop for dark passionate nights… captivating and enveloping

The Notes: Sunny Italian grapefruit is imbued with a precious spice accord of white pepper and cumin. The citrus notes are enveloped by tender musk and comforting notes of sandalwood, almond and honey.

The Journey: With roots in Sicily, Kim re-discovered her Italian heritage while wandering the island and reminiscing with natives about her connection to the land. This fragrance is rooted in the sweet and succulent citrus fruits she savored each day on her journey, never turning too dark or demanding. Evoking the same innocuous sensuality as Kim Spadaro herself, Sole Nero is as memorable as views of the sun setting amidst the glow of Mount Etna.


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Eau de Parfum

Sole Nero Eau De Parfum


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