Beso Del Mar

Eau de Parfum

The Notes:

Lime, agave, driftwood, musk and hibiscus. The refreshing notes of the cooling ocean breeze kissed by fresh squeezed lime, agave nectar and veiled with a subtle hint of musk to set anchor.  Drift away in the sunset of the Sea of Cortez.

The Journey: Kim created this cooling scent upon sitting on top of her villa at Las Ventanas. She climbed the iron stairs to the roof, wrapping herself in a cashmere blanket. Gazing out at the sun setting over the sea of Cortez. The sun kissing the sea as it made its way beneath the waves. The cooling breeze of the night air brought relief to the bright colored flowers and cooled the warm caramel colored sands. She could smell the scent of the sea as it romanced her into a night of seduction.


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Eau de Parfum

Beso Del Mar Eau De Parfum


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