Is it important to transition your fragrance between seasons?
It’s purely a personal choice. There is no reason that you can’t wear your favorite scent year round. As an aromatherapist, I truly believe that on dreary cold days, a light citrus scent with notes such as bergamot and grapefruit can provide that much needed lift in mood. A tropical scent can also help to bring warm thoughts. On the other hand, an exotic woody scent on glowing summer skin is extremely sensual and very appropriate. I actually wear Noche Del Fuego, from my collection, year round – I love the blend of sandalwood, vanilla and honey spiked with paprika, saffron and black pepper.

Any tips for transitioning?
Layering is a great way to transition if you’re not ready to give up your “winter” scent. Try layering with a floral, green or citrus. Go lightly on both to give a unique twist to your favorite.

What should you look for in a summer scent? 
It’s important to test the fragrance on your skin first. Scents can smell a little different in warm, humid weather. Also, when your skin is warm and moist, scents have a tendency to render a stronger veil. Try to let you favorite aspects of summer help guide your choice, whether it’s the smell of new flowers blooming, fresh cut grass, the sea or the early morning air. Have fun with your choice; fragrances shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Please describe your process when developing a 'summery' scent?
I love to create my fragrances starting with natural oils. I envision the warm earth bearing beautiful new life – colorful summer flowers, green leaves on the trees, birds singing and blue skies. I use oils that remind me of these things. I continue to pull and drop by drop add and reduce until I cannot stop smelling it the art that I have created. With all of Spadaro Fragrances, I anchor them with a base that has some warmth like patchouli or musk. It’s a nice way to complete the experience.

- Kim Spardaro - Spadaro Luxury Fragrances 


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