Fall Launch Lessons!

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 I've been on an amazing journey developing this line. My family and closest friends have held my hand and provided encouragement when I wanted to call it quits. To launch nationally has been rewarding and a dream and not without hard work. BUT, the most amazing part of this experience, is sharing my story of taking the chance, taking the risk, exposing myself and my heart - here it is the part I LOVE - the women and men I have met around the country that have told me that I have inspired them and shared THEIR stories. The hugs from complete strangers of all ages and ethnicities - has filled my life with great joy. No sale is greater than to connect with thousands of people whom all have a their own story of love or loss. It is pretty sweet knowing that when they spritz on Spadaro fragrance, they know the love & artistry I have put into this line, and that with their purchase they have paid it forward - by contributing to the charity!


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