Exciting night with Bono at The Lions' Club. Wonderful opportunity to share The Spadaro Foundation with this truly philanthropic man.   His motivational visit and stories were heart felt and genuine.  So nice to be able to share Spadaro Luxury Fragrances story and vision.  The Spadaro Foundation is growing stronger everyday, thanks to the loyal and growing customers. 

Is it important to transition your fragrance between seasons?
It’s purely a personal choice. There is no reason that you can’t wear your favorite scent year round. As an aromatherapist, I truly believe that on dreary cold days, a light citrus scent with notes such as bergamot and grapefruit can provide that much needed lift in mood. A tropical scent can also help to bring warm thoughts. On the other hand, an exotic woody scent on glowing summer skin is extremely sensual and very appropriate. I actually wear Noche Del Fuego, from my collection, year round – I love the blend of sandalwood, vanilla and honey spiked with paprika, saffron and black pepper.

Any tips for transitioning?
Layering is a great way to transition if you’re not ready to give up your “winter” scent. Try layering with a floral, green or citrus. Go lightly on both to give a unique twist to your favorite.

What should you look for in a summer scent? 
It’s important to test the fragrance on your skin first. Scents can smell a little different in warm, humid weather. Also, when your skin is warm and moist, scents have a tendency to render a stronger veil. Try to let you favorite aspects of summer help guide your choice, whether it’s the smell of new flowers blooming, fresh cut grass, the sea or the early morning air. Have fun with your choice; fragrances shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Please describe your process when developing a 'summery' scent?
I love to create my fragrances starting with natural oils. I envision the warm earth bearing beautiful new life – colorful summer flowers, green leaves on the trees, birds singing and blue skies. I use oils that remind me of these things. I continue to pull and drop by drop add and reduce until I cannot stop smelling it the art that I have created. With all of Spadaro Fragrances, I anchor them with a base that has some warmth like patchouli or musk. It’s a nice way to complete the experience.

- Kim Spardaro - Spadaro Luxury Fragrances 

How can I make my fragrance last longer?

  • Fragrance lasts longer when applied on damp skin right after a shower or bath.
  • Use a body cream of your favorite fragrance first, then spray on your fragrance. The lotion will act like "glue" and helps hold the fragrance longer.
  • For longest results, layer your fragrance all over your body with matching fragrance products such as a shower gel, soap, or bath oil, then a matching lotion or body cream. (If you have dry skin, use a lotion or body cream. If you have oily skin, apply talc.) Follow with matching perfume at the pulse points, or an all-over spritz of eau de parfum.
  • Use perfume or eau de parfum
  • Fragrance rises. Spray or smooth fragrance onto skin from the feet to the shoulders. If you apply fragrance only behind your ears, it will eventually rise and disappear.
  • If you have dry skin, you will need to wear more perfume, and re-apply your fragrance more often than someone with oilier skin.
  • Wear stronger fragrances in cold weather. Cold reduces a scent's intensity.
  • Apply perfume to your primary pulse points (your wrists, behind your ears, your chest, neck, or behind your knees and inside your elbows.)
  • Spray the inside of your elbow and behind your knee, for a longer lasting fragrance. The fragrance stays a little moist & fragrance works best just a little bit humid.
  • It may be necessary to re-apply your fragrance every 3-4 hours.


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HOW TO TRY ON PARFUM - For the same reason you decant a bottle of wine, or wait and let the glass of wine breath before tasting,  fragrance needs to breath!  Simply spray a few pumps a few inches away from your CLEAN wrist or elbow - void of other fragrances.  Let it dry down and breath, usually best to wait about 15 mintues.  But feel free to enjoy the fragrance as it moves through each layer, top, middle and base.  They are all beautiful, but a true representation is NOT from the spray head and NOT on initial spray.   Like a slow dance, patience and grace!  And honestly, spraying it on paper blotter card doesn't give it justice - use your bare skin!

Fall Launch Lessons!

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 I've been on an amazing journey developing this line. My family and closest friends have held my hand and provided encouragement when I wanted to call it quits. To launch nationally has been rewarding and a dream and not without hard work. BUT, the most amazing part of this experience, is sharing my story of taking the chance, taking the risk, exposing myself and my heart - here it is the part I LOVE - the women and men I have met around the country that have told me that I have inspired them and shared THEIR stories. The hugs from complete strangers of all ages and ethnicities - has filled my life with great joy. No sale is greater than to connect with thousands of people whom all have a their own story of love or loss. It is pretty sweet knowing that when they spritz on Spadaro fragrance, they know the love & artistry I have put into this line, and that with their purchase they have paid it forward - by contributing to the charity!

The Spadaro Foundation - For every purchase of a Spadaro product, a percent will go to "The Spadaro Foundation". The foundation was created as a tribute to those whom have touched my life and the passing of my dear mother on 1/1/11. Being able to pursue my passion and fateful dream of creating a perfume, I pay it forward, by honoring those whom selflessly inspire others!

The New Fragrance That Smells So Delicious I've Had People Stop Me on the Street to Ask What I'm Wearing

Tuesday, 10/11/2011 10:41 AM - GLAMOUR.COM

I don't think I've ever had as many compliments on a fragrance as I've had since I've started wearing a this new perfume...

It's Noche Del Fuego by a new little fragrance company called Spadaro. Here's how they describe the scent: "Irresistible Bergamot gains unexpected depth when mixed with mysterious Patchouli and an exotic blend of Sandalwood, Vanilla and Honey spiked with Paprika and Saffron. Black Pepper, at once warm and cool — like a fire dance in the night, completes the seduction."

I know it sounds a little like a soap opera in a bottle, but it's really more rich and complex than that. The patchouli and sandalwood give it a lot of depth while the paprika gives it a kick that's totally different from anything else I've ever smelled. But it's not too heavy at all—in fact, it's somehow soft but rich and smooth all at once. The best way I can describe it is that it smells like a cashmere blanket feels on a cold night. Just delicious. And the quality of the oils in it is insane—which probably explains the $155 price tag. But it smells like a million bucks, so maybe it's a bargain.

You can find it at several Nordstrom stores if you wanna give it a sniff. Have any of you had the chance to smell it yet?



Read More http://www.glamour.com/beauty/blogs/girls-in-the-beauty-department/2011/10/the-new-fragrance-that-smells.html#ixzz1aVZLkLA3 

My wonderful husband's family's land.  Eating succulent summer fruit, sipping wines from the region and watching the glow of Mt. Etna during a mountain top dinner . . . a touch of honey from the blooms of the fertile land at the base of Mt. Etna - Sole Nero will certainly lift your spirits as it is created with the uplifting notes of bergamot, grapefruit and lemon.   

We fell in love with the kind people of Morocco.  The delicious cusine, the hospitality of the people we met and a night of dancing.   The name Doux Amour "Sweet Love" was chosen for the love we have for this exotic desitnation and the romance we felt during this journey. 

Personal Appearances

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It would be my pleasure to meet you at the many appearances scheduled for this fall.  Please join me at any of the following Nordstrom locations for instore appearances at the Trend Events!

October 8, 2011, Nordstrom Galleria Houston, Texas

October 15, 2011, Nordstrom Topanga Canoga Park, CA

November 5, 2011 Nordstrom Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek Walnut Creek, CA 

November 12, 2011,  Nordstrom Southcoast Plaza Costa Mesa, CA 


Passionate Packaging!

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The design of the packaing has intimate meaning. The red was chosen for its passion, warmth and energy. The bronze foil for it representation of a well traveled piece of art or jewelry. The cream back ground on the band and label is soft to the eye and a great visual relief. The shape of the crest sticker represents the curves of a woman. The classic shape of the bottle feels nastalgic and timeless. The cap soften the edges of the shape of the bottles and lends a retro bottle stopper.


Each pattern is representative of architectural element of the region of the fragrance.

Elements of Design

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I surround myself with pieces from my travels and design "element" that take me back to a moment in time.  Create a space you can sink into and escape a hectic day.


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Cool air nebulization is a fantastic way to deliver therapeutic benefits of essential oil blends.  


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The center of my life, is my family.  I'm so proud to be the mother of three of the most loving and generous kids.  My loving and supportive husband, my soul mate.  And my incredible dad suffered a tragic illness but overcame it to live a life full of love and his work with charity is second to none.  I'm very proud of PaPa G, aka (0070).

My Mom (Mimi)

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From as early as I can remember my mom surrounded her self with beauty products.  I used to love to play in all her creams and makeup.  Its funny that I can still see very clearly her standing there in a sleek dress that she made and her hair and face perfect.  This picture is one of those that says alot about her - this was in 1964.

From as early as I can remember my mom surrounded her self with beauty products. I used to love to play in all her creams and makeup. Its funny that I can still see very clearly her standing there in a sleek dress that she made and her hair and face perfect. This picture is one of those that says alot about her - this was in 1964.

My sweet mom, was always so glamorous and beautiful. Love this picture of her. Memories of her always so stylish make me smile.